Staying at Ringøy Camping you have a short way to several attractions. Below you'll find some suggestions for what to see and do in the Hardanger area. For more inspiration please visit or the tourist information in Kinsarvik.

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 - activity park for kids 
This very popular park is only a ten minutes drive from Ringøy Camping. Here you'll find swimming pool with slides, trampoline, pedal cars, animals and much more!

Hardanger region has an excellent climate for growing apples and sweet cherries. Therefore we even have a sweet cherry festival and a blooming festival. Read about upcoming events here.

Exploring the nature
It's not difficult to understand why people from all over the world come to explore Hardanger. They all want to see the sparkling fjords, snow covered mountain tops and countless rows of fruit trees. Ringøy Camping is surrounded by beautiful nature, and famous attractions like the waterfall Vøringsfossen and the breathtaking cliff Trolltunga.

Many fishing enthusiasts return to Ringøy year after year. The camping site has a private pier and you can use our rowing boat free of charge. For fishing in fresh water lakes in the mountains, you'll have to buy a "fishing card" which can be purchased at the tourist information in Kinsarvik.

From Ringøy you can take day trips to popular destinations like Kinsarvik, Lofthus, Ulvik, Eidfjord, Voss and Bergen. In Eidfjord you can see the famous waterfall Vøringfossen, and in Voss you can do everything from going shopping to fly like a bird in a wind tunnel!